According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation: “Everyone shall have the right to favourable environment, reliable information about its state and for a restitution of damage inflicted on his health or property by ecological transgressions.” (Article 42).
The RF President D.A. Medvedev at the Meeting on Improving Environmental and Energy Efficiency in the Russian Economy said: “Unfortunately for our country the problem is very serious. According to the data currently available, 40 million of our citizens live in substandard environmental conditions. Of these, 1 million are forced to live in areas with dangerous levels of pollution.”
According to the World Health Organization, up to an average of 30% of the contribution to nation’s health and, indirectly, to the demographic situation falls within global environmental hazards, unfavourable environmental factors, manufacturing and human environment. In certain Russian constituent territories, up to 40% of pathological changes in public health are the result of adverse effects produced by unfavourable air and water environment, etc. (excerpts from the Report on Ecological Factors Affecting the Demographic Situation). According to a number of researches, unfavourable environmental conditions shorten the human longevity by three to five years and two-three times increase the risk of chronic diseases. This is especially observable in megalopolises and large cities, where most Russians live. In addition, unfavourable environmental conditions considerably affect the demographics.
Life and health of Russian citizens directly depend on the environment quality and state. That’s why our environmental issues are one of the key aspects of the Demographical National Project.
Joint efforts of the public and the authorities are capable of identifying and eliminating efficiently many factors affecting the environmental pollution. That’s why the President of Russia proposes to solve these problems through the teamwork of all-level authorities, public ecological organizations and active citizens: “They are ready for this. We should attract ecology movements to environmental monitoring, forecasting and preventing environmental threats more extensively”.
Psychological state of our citizens, their belief and ambition to change their lives for the better are important as well. It is no secret that our passivism and inactivity is that very ground, which helps unfair businessmen and clerks in their pursue of profits to commit ecological transgressions with impunity.
Government agencies are often incapable to control thoroughly their actions. Thus, it is citizens, their activity and concern, which can become that very power capable of solving a great number of environmental problems!
We have established our Hot Line just for such kind of citizens, who are concerned about the world they are living in, and their inheritance they will leave to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren!


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