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Hot Green Line has been established and is operated by Popular Initiative Tambov Regional Public Organization.

Our objectives are raising public awareness and protection of civil rights to favourable environment. Our key activity is holding seminars, workshops, round-table conferences, demonstration lectures, trainings and conferences. Also, we hold Saturday cleaning days, environmental inspections and information pickets.


Project Members:




Shcherbakov Roman. Born in 1983. Head of the Green Hot Line Project. One of the initiators of the Tambov Regional Environment Protection Referendum aimed to ban the shipment of radioactive waste through the territory of the Tambov Region. The Referendum was not held as a result of the Tambov Regional Duma’s refusal in registration of the initiative group.





Solovih Dmitriy. Born in 1985. Former member of the GREENPEACE Coordination Council. Published several ecological papers.








 Our Sweden Friends:

During 7 years, we closely collaborate with our colleagues from Sweden:









Near Chemical Plant Water Sedimentation Tanks                        At the same place


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